I’m Not That Kind of Gay

Apparently not every gay man has Blackout tattooed on their lower back inner right forearm, knows that Shangela was robbed in All Stars 3 or wants to party in Mykonos with Lindsay Lohan. Strange but true.

In Michael Henry’s latest cackle-filled video, Not That Kind of Gay, Michael learns that not all gay men are like the perceived status quo. Henry is left shook’d upon hearing that his too-damn-fine-to-function friend likes to iron black t-shirts, goes to bed by 9:30 PM and watches Grey’s Anatomy.

Our community needs not-that-kind-of-gay gays as much as we need that-kind-of-gay gays because at the end of the day who the hell gonna top us?! we gotta love each other!

Watch Not That Kind of Gay:

Featured gif: Michael Henry 

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