The Big Gay Money of OnlyFans

$40,000 … a month.

According to Jack Mackenroth, that’s how much one single model made on OnlyFans with a fan/subscriber base of 5,000.

The sex appeal of that big a$$ number is why so many InstaFamous gay men are creating an OnlyFans account.

If 2015 saw the birth of the naked gay man on Instagram, then perhaps the same can be said about 2018 for OnlyFans.

While sex-shaming is far from over, the shame surrounding sex and nudity has lessened to the point where it’s fairly common (at times even expected) for gay men to post semi/fully nude photos of themselves on social media.

Rick Griff Onlyfans


Whether it be the trailblazing gay men of erotic Tumblr or Kyle Krieger’s signature nudity on Instagram, a movement has taken place towards greater sexual and body liberation. That movement has led to a place where gay men, especially Instafamous gay men, are comfortable enough to go beyond the guidelines of Instagram and into the no-holds-barred and lucrative world of OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based site that is popular among artists, influencers and adult performers. The site allows users to post content (x-rated included) to followers who pay a monthly subscription fee. The monthly rate is set by the content creator and OnlyFans collects a small percentage of it.

Rick Griff Onlyfans


Majority of Instafamous gay men may not be traditional adult performers but their sex appeal is still at the forefront of their online success as influencers. With product endorsements and sponsored posts often being commissioned through the trade of products and services; monetizing through OnlyFans has become an enticing option.

As part of their YouTube series FAMEish, VICE follows an Instafamous gay couple named Rick and Griff who have over 264k followers. In the mini-doc, Rick and Griff discuss their social media fame, how they gained a massive following and why they ultimately decided to join OnlyFans.

Watch the NSFW mini-doc below:

Featured gif: Youtube/Vice

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