Have You Hooked Up with Too Many Men?

To quote the sex-positive icon, Lil’ Kim, “Too much (many) is neva enough!”

In the long list of things that need to be canceled in 2018, sex-shaming/slut-shaming is right up there with toxic masculinity.

In a time when there are more hook-up apps than ever before (or needed) and strong sex appeal is at an all-time high on Instagram, why is slut-shaming STILL such a thing?

Michael Henry, one of the greatest self-reflecting teachers of our time, hilariously addresses the issue of slut-shaming among gay men and proves why it has no place in 20GayTeen.

Max Emerson also gives, dare we say, the greatest performance of his life. Fight me!

Watch Michael Henry’s Have You Hooked Up With Too Many Men below:

Featured gif: YouTube/Michael Henry 

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