Heteros Want to Ban Poppers

Please, not our poppers! Anything but our precious alkyl nitrites!

Evil, annoying and bored heteros are at it again with their how-do-we-fuck-with-the-gays-today mission.

This time they’ve gone too far (as opposed to any other time?) by trying to ban the use of mf-ing poppers in Australia!

Funny/unfunny enough, one of the main reasons for the proposed ban is due to the increased mainstream use of poppers.

Apparently appropriating ass-eating culture wasn’t enough. Thanks, straights.

More on the ban:

– Austrailia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) proposed that poppers should be placed in the same category as heroin.

– By doing so, the TGA hopes it reduces the misuse and abuse of alkyl nitrites in lubricants and inhalants/’popper’ for recreational use. 

– ‘This decision, if successful, will criminalise most instances of gay sex and will disproportionately affect the LGBTIQ community that has so long relied on amyl/poppers to enjoy receptive sex comfortably,’ – Sydney activist Steve Spencer (Gay Star News)

– Good news is that you can potentially help put an end to this homophobic nonsense by signing this petition.

Read more about the ridiculous ban here.

Featured gif: YouTube/Drugslab

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