Tom Daley’s Six-Minute Butt Workout

It’s summertime and y’all know what that means – it’s get-a-nice-thicc-booty-time!

British diver Tom Daley has a really nice ass but to show that he also has a really good heart, the 24-year-old twunk created a super easy to follow six-minute butt workout.

The six-minute routine includes six different butt workouts that are done in thirty-second intervals with ten-second breaks in between.

As someone who’s not a huge fan of leg or butt workouts, I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed Daley’s butt workout.

What makes this a great workout is that it’s quick, simple to follow, no gym or equipment is needed and best of all you see results in a fairly short period of time.

Glute Bridge

Tom Daley Glute Bridge workout

YouTube/Tom Daley

Glute Bridge Leg Extension 

Tom Daley Glute Bridge Leg Extension

YouTube/Tom Daley

Glute Bridge Hold 

Tom Daley Glute Bridge Hold

YouTube/Tom Daley

Donkey Kicks 

Tom Daley Donkey Kicks

YouTube/Tom Daley

Knee Circles 

Tom Daley Knee Circles

YouTube/Tom Daley

Straight Leg Donkey Kicks 

Straight Leg Donkey Kicks

YouTube/Tom Daley

Watch Tom Daley’s six-minute butt workout below:

Featured gif: YouTube/Tom Daley

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